Global Field Hockey Connection Platform Uru Sports Releases New Membership Programs & Exclusive Recruitment Tracker Tool

Today, Uru Sports, the leading global field hockey connection platform, announced the release of its premium membership programs and features for both athletes and teams. Uru Sports is an online platform that connects field hockey players and teams across the globe, as part athlete and roster search engine, and part social network.

Athletes can use Uru to find open playing positions at clubs and universities across the world, and to learn about the experience of playing abroad. Teams use Uru to showcase their clubs and search for players to bolster their rosters with top talent.

These new upgraded membership plans offer a suite of additional features for players including enhanced profiles, better search capabilities, and unlimited connections. Teams now can have highlighted and featured profiles and access to the advanced recruitment tracker tool. The tracker gives each team or club powerful tools to recruit, track, and manage the players they are targeting globally.

"It has been incredible to see the growth of Uru Sports. It is a testament to the passion that their team has for our incredible sport. USA Field Hockey is thrilled to support the opportunities that Uru Sports is providing to current and future players," said Adam Andrasko of USA Field Hockey.

Open to players and coaches, both on a professional and recreational level, Uru Sports gives users the ability to create a field hockey profile to showcase their skills and experience when looking for new playing opportunities. Uru creates an online resume of a player's field hockey background, including videos, images, playing experience, accomplishments, and more. In addition, players can connect with each other and discover peers abroad and learn about future playing environments, giving them the confidence to pursue playing overseas.

Teams and clubs use Uru to showcase themselves to the worldwide field hockey community and to fill their rosters with talent by searching the player database and posting available playing positions in the Uru search engine. By removing the middle-man and offering transparency, Uru empowers both athletes and teams to expand their networks and to make confident and informed roster decisions.

"What Uru is doing… building a hockey community for hockey players all around the world to gain a better knowledge of where they could play or what they can expect from the club or city in particular will be very helpful in the future for every hockey player," said Lucas Sevestre ambassador of Gryphon Hockey.

About Uru Sports

Based in Ann Arbor, MI and Denver, CO, Uru Sports is the Internet's first and largest connection platform for the sport of Field Hockey. Part transfer market, part social network, part travel engine, Uru connects field hockey players, coaches, and teams across the world for a better playing and recruitment experience for all. Learn more at

Matt Craine